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Leaders in parts manufacturing for public works vehicles

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Leaders in parts manufacturing for public works vehicles

It is a third generation company founded in 1941 by MR Joan Escalé Carbonell, characterized by stability, growth and continuous evolution. This security is the result of technical and human values, the main source of our society. Quality, precision, customized solutions and excellent service, adaptation to the latest technologies to optimize resources.

At the beginning, the objective was the manufacture and maintenance of textile machinery. And during our history, we adapt to the needs and requirements of our history, we adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers. Extending our range of services throughout the metallurgical sector, among other things: towers, shovel machine kits, “ROPS” protection arches, dump trucks “skips”, Dumpsters, forklifts, safes, mining machines, fuel tanks and hydraulic tanks, chassis and All kinds of parts and accessories for construction vehicles, industrial cleaning, urban services, agricultural machinery and others.

As a company specialized in welding, we use state-of-the-art machines for different types of welding: pulsed arc, Mig-Mag, Tic, among others, which can work on different types of metals.

With the ISO 9001 -2015 certification, we are currently the main supplier of the leading companies in the manufacture of multiservice vehicles in SPAIN, some such as: AUSA, PIQUERSA.

Specialized in:


We manufacture bows for all types of machines, mainly construction, civil works and services.


We offer the possibility to develop and manufacture booths for multiple machines in the construction sector: dumpers, excavators, industrial cleaning, among others, which meet the highest safety requirements at work.

Dumpers, Skips and Dumpsters

Specialized in the manufacture of dumpers, hoppers and skips of different capacities.


Manufacture of accessories and anchors for construction, multiservice and agricultural machinery.

Excavator shovel kits

Manufacture and assembly of hinge arms and attachment of excavators for excavators, cleaning machines, etc.


Development and manufacture of fuel and hydraulic tanks in compliance with quality standards.

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